Group Session

This program is designed to help teams leverage their greatest asset, their people. It shifts the focus from the outside factors, to the inside factor. It helps develop the understanding that a team is not comprised of titles and job descriptions but of unique human beings. It helps create a culture where individual members can contribute their best talents, leading to innovation, creativity and optimized performance results.

Team’s Temperament type map: The focus of this part of the session is to create more self-awareness by helping the team member gaining a better understanding of their own temperament, but also more social-awareness by understanding the temperament of the other team members.

IQ/Talents identification: Introducing the 4 types of IQ. Their presence and distribution in the team and how to utilize them so that the team’s performance results can be elevated.

Creating synergy: This part is an open discussion and brainstorm session between participants and facilitator with the goal of defining a strategy that can best leverage the team's unique talent mix to meet set goals and objectives.

Resolving conflicts: This part of the session focuses on conflict as a factor that can either lead to growth and innovation or division and destruction. Understanding how the different temperaments naturally communicate or how they annoy others, how stress is triggered differently for the different temperaments, will help the team navigate through conflicts when they occur. 

You will receive the following Reports

Individual Temperament Report for each team member


Team Temperament Report in Word


Team Temperament Report in Power Point